Welcome to Year One


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Deon and Sathish make me feel warm and fuzzy!

These two guys make me feel so good! It feels like I've known them for years and I just feel not only seen and heard, but inspired when talking to them. Oh I just have so much gratitude to connect with people like them. This podcast is way beyond entrepreneurship - it's about life and relating. Kudos guys - keep up the good work 💜⭐️💥

Instant Connection

It's refreshing to be a guest on a podcast that brings authenticity to business. Having a chat with Sathish and Deon about that first year and the challenges faced along the way, reminds me how important it is to have these conversations. Kudos to YearOne for bringing these stories to light.

Incredible podcast exploring the pitfalls and excitement of entrepreneurship!!

Absolutely loved being a part of the podcast! Once a guest, now a devoted listener. If you are starting a business, or thinking of starting one, look no further than YearOne!

Entrpreneurs talking to Entrepreneurs.

It was an awesome experience talking to Sathish and Deon. They keep the conversation so friendly that you open up completely on different topics. The best part is they understand an entrepreneurs journey so well as they have gone through it themselves multiple times. Thanks a lot, Sathish and Deon for inviting TruMath to be part of the YEARONE series.

Come for the Experience, Leave with Friends

Deon and Sathish are incredible hosts who make you feel right at home. The podcast's approach is excellent - no matter the industry, year one is very similar for founders - same aches, pains, and wins. YEARONE is building a community, one lively conversation at a time!

Great Chat

Had an awesome conversation with Sathish & Deon on YEARONE! Highly recommend listening to their catalog and reaching out to be a guest!

A Chat with Friends

I enjoyed the conversation with Sathish and Deon; they made it feel like just chatting with friends. I was able to open up and share some personal feelings and thoughts about a range of topics that other entrepreneurs would find interesting. My only question now is... When is our follow up?

Great experience

Had a blast with Satish and Deon going back memory lane about the adventures a entrepreneur lives to be where we are! I had a great time chatting with them.

Like therapy for startups

Often in the first year of business, the world moves in a blur and you have very little time for family, never mind business reflection and storytelling. Having a time scheduled to sit and chat with Sathish and Deon gives founders a way to do that in a structured manner. These guys know what goes into the story, and they ask questions in a way that breeds clarity-based thinking in founders minds - a rare situation in year one.

Taking a Stance

Podcasting at its very best - Sathish & Deon are masters of their art; fun, witty, engaging and enlightening all in one. Here at Stance Fitness we loved working with them - great interlocutors with engaging and thoughtful questions.

Entrepreneurs who get it

Chatting with Deon and Sathish was both enjoyable and educational. Who would've thought two CEOs/DJ's would connect to talk about technology and innovation on a podcast!


Such a delight to have a real conversation about edtech with two great minds, not to mention the other great conversations they generate.

Unique Insights!

Very enjoyable discussion with interesting and unique questions about entrepreneurship. Everyone who I know that has listened found the podcast to be extremely valuable and engaging!

I learned a lot about myself too:)

It was an amazing experience to talk to such bright and positive individuals who understand the life of a founder from their own experience. Great hosts, fantastic atmosphere, and awesome questions. I learned a lot about myself that day. Thank you, Deon and Sathish. We should do this more often:)

This is what makes a great podcast!!!

I love the unscripted, raw, vulnerability of this show. It bring the humanity back to humankind. So many things today are perfectly packaged and scripted that its hard to find the realness. Not so with year One!

It felt like I know Sathish and Deon for a long time

I had the chance to be the guest on one of the episodes and I should say that it felt like I'm talking to two friends I know for a long time! If you're a creator, entrepreneur, or someone who loves building things for people, this is a good podcast to listen to! You'll find that you're not alone in your journey:)